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iphone 3gs unlock easy soloution in easy stepsif u want to u

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iphone 3gs unlock easy soloution in easy stepsif u want to u

Post by sunmeetrihan on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:51 pm

if u want to unlock ur iphone 3gs.. here is d right solution ... it is
easy to unlock iphone if u ve internet

just download spirit and connect ur phone with iphone cable..(u must ve
itunes install on ur computer( version less that 9.2 or higher than 9)


after jailbreak u c u get cydia software onn ur iphone...
now most important u need wi fi....if u dont ve wifi... just install
bzeek software from web..( this is software which converts ur simple
internet into only on wifimodels.) it converts ur simple
laptop or computer in wifi..)

after u install it... cumplete reg. of bzeek on and turns on
ur apple iphone wifi

now go to cydia then sections
in sections go to sources
there is a software name ultrasnow.repo666.. install it
after install it demands for reboot ..
reboot the phone and there it go..its gonna unlock... after showing
searching for 2 or 3 mints it showz ur carrier network.. thats it

one thing more.. if ur phone is not activated u ve to activate it with
inserting the orginal carrier sim which it belongs to..... and if u dont
ve original carrier sim like 3, t-mobile, or any abroad sim.. just
purchase test card from any software seller in market.. ur work will b
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