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Lg u450 "TEMP" UNLOCK !!

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Lg u450 "TEMP" UNLOCK !! Empty Lg u450 "TEMP" UNLOCK !!

Post by dinam368 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:39 am

Patch File
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With LGMDP which is inside the package flashate:

Enter a Usim H3G (possibly the one that came with the phone)
Attached USB cable or charger and revenue in Menu> accessories> converter
The phone automatically restart, in this brief moment changed the sim
with that of your favorite operator, you have to be very fast (if you
use the usb cable adapter you must have changed the battery and
released before recognition device, about 2 seconds short as u310)

From that point onwards, you can detach the cable and charger

Note how the phone tells you Usim Locked not mind, look pretty at the
top left in the display and hooked up the network and now you can also
receive video calls and sms

To access the menu, type * 72346 # 96 (there appear calculator) press MENU:

This solution, as the 310 temp, I have for some time ... (the end of
November, but since there anything better for the moment is fine x who,
at home, wants to use his mobile ... . (not buy)

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