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Multilanguage user interface (MUI) for Infinity-Box Modules

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Multilanguage user interface (MUI) for Infinity-Box Modules

Post by kapilkapoor on Sat Nov 08, 2008 6:39 pm

Dear Friends,

Some time ago we have released Infinity-Box DongleManager with multilanguage support:
Now multilanguage user interface (MUI) for other Infinity-Box software modules released. Now you can use Infinity-Box software with your own language.

Currently English and Russian languages is supported, more languages coming soon (f.e. Farsi translation is in progress etc.).

How to install Infinity-Box multilanguage user interface (MUI):

1. download and install Infinity-Box Language module (v1.01 or higher)
2. download and install Infinity-Box Shell (v1.25 or higher)
3. run Shell, go to "Settings" page and select required language
4. Once you have selected new language it will be default language for all modules (you do not need to select language each time when you run modules)

Infinity-Box modules should be updated to use multilanguage support.
Currently the next modules is ready for new interface:
1. Shell v1.25 and higher
2. PinFinder v1.15 and higher
3. ChineseMiracle v2.68 and higher
4. MModule v2.38 and higher
Other modules is on the way.

Here is screenshots of translated modules:

New languages will be added in some time. There is no any limitations, the only problem is correct text translation, so if you have an experience and you are ready to helps other users you can check messages for translation here: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\Language

How to make new translation:

1. go to C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\Language
2. copy English.ini to file with your language name (f.e. Deutsch.ini)
3. use any text editor (f.e. Notepad or Wordpad) and translate text [msg] section
4. run Shell, select your language and test results
5. Optional: if it will be any problems with some special characters you can try to modify "Charset" value in [common] section (list of charset samples is in file with English translation)

We are waiting for translated files at
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