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MTBOX NOKIA : BB5 Unlock NON TP Available Now!!

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MTBOX NOKIA : BB5 Unlock NON TP Available Now!!

Post by kapilkapoor on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:27 pm

Support model unlock bb5 without Test point

3109c (RM-274) -
3110c (RM-237) -
3250 (RM-38)
3500c (RM-272)
3500cb (RM-273)
5200 (RM-174)
5200b (RM-181)
5300 (RM-146)
5300b (RM-147)
5500 (RM-86)
6085 (RM-198)

6086 (RM-188) 6086b (RM-260)
6125 (RM-178)
6126/6133 (RM-126)
6131 (RM-115)
6131 NFC (RM-216)
6136 (RM-199)
6151 (RM-200)
6233 (RM-145)
6234 (RM-123)
6280 (RM-78)
6300 (RM-217)
6300b (RM-222)
7370 (RM-70)
7373 (RM-209)
7390 (RM-140)
8600 (RM-164)
E50 (RM-170)
E50 (RM-171)
E50 (RM-172)
E61 (RM-89)
E61i (RM-227)
E62 (RM-88)
E65 (RM-208)
N73-1 (RM-133)
N73-5 (RM-132)
N75 (RM-128)
N77 (RM-194)
N80-1 (RM-92)
N80-3 (RM-91)
N92 (RM-100)

Phone is in: Local mode
Model: RM-145 ( 6233)
V 05.43/30-03-07/RM-145 (c) Nokia
Production serial number CAL469217
Product code 0566706
Module code
Basic production code 0532224
Flash code
Order number
Long production SN
MCU SW V 05.43/30-03-07/RM-145/(c) Nokia
HW 2011
RFIC 17211721
DSP pb05wk46v49
PPM V 05.43/30-03-07/RM123_145_-/(c) Nokia/D
Retu 32
Tahvo 53
Content Pack Content: d/V 05.43/30-03-07/RM123_145_-/(c) Nokia
IMEI: 352744015290361
V 05.43/30-03-07/RM-145 (c) Nokia
IMEI: 352744015290361
Operator: 2620700000000000
Operator Name: O2 Deutschland (DCT3 Contract);Germany
Profile bits: 8000000000000000

Closed on Mcc Mnc: 2620749F Closed on Mcc Mnc: 2620751F
Counters 0/10, 0/3
Phone is in: Local mode
Imei: 352744015290361
BB5 PM back Phone is in: Local mode
IMEI: 352744015290361
Backup file: C:Program
Reading phone PM 308:1...
Booting Phone...
Test call...
cpsr - 0x0000001F
p15_1 - 0x0005307F
p15_2 - 0x0005117F
p15_3 - 0x0005317F
esn_init ret - 0x00000001, - 0x00000001
esn_read ret - 0x00000001, - 0x00000001
Normal BB5 found - 0x00016070
LR - FFFF3698, param - 0x03, size - 0x00
UpdSLock - 0x00000001
ret - 0x01, - 0x23
PM_308 CRC - 0x000CA177
Status Successfull
Restarting Phone...
Delay 5 seconds ...
Phone is in: Local mode

Imei: 352744015290361 Send Eeprom 308:1
V 05.43/30-03-07/RM-145 (c) Nokia
IMEI: 352744015290361
Operator: 2440700000000000
Operator Name: AT&T;U.S.A. (3650)
Profile bits: 0000000000000000
Sim Status: Not locked

Please [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and place it in

C:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box

and click on update.

When Complete update will show as below

Device:<\?usb#vid_a550&pid_f00d#0005123456#{e6ff7d fd-1ff95-ffa08-9ffbf-aa12345c26f0}>
Getting BOX Status...OK
Getting INI File Update....[PIN:753CA9D7BC8D9A6A]OK
Server Login... OK
Server I/O....OK
Updating...BOX is Updated

Software download...
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