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CoPilot Live 7

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CoPilot Live 7

Post by suemer on Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:45 pm

Copilot seems to be ok with N95 internal GPS device.
CoPilot Live 7 offers the same experience on a phone as a dedicated
system, with turn by turn directions, powerful route calculation,
comprehensive address entry and detailed street maps.
CoPilot Live 7 is highly customisable to suit the individual, with the
ability to adjust settings, colour schemes and other preferences.
Commercial partners are able to create branded versions of the
navigation display, and live mobile internet content can be specified
by mobile operators to incorporate their preferred partners.
On the road, directions are clearly displayed on 2D or 3D street maps
and voice instructions are provided all the way to the destination.
Driver safety is the priority with a map only displayed close to a
turn, progressively zooming-in before returning to a non-distracting
safety screen. Step-by-step destination entry, finger-touch buttons and
predictive matching make choosing an exact destination easy. If a turn
is missed a new route is calculated automatically.
CoPilot Live 7 incorporates the latest street maps and points of
interest throughout Western Europe from NAVTEQ, including accurate
house numbers and 7 digit UK post codes. Additional map regions are
available to purchase and download from the supplied CoPilot Central
desktop companion, including Eastern Europe, South Africa, Australia,
Middle East and North America. Finding the nearest petrol station or
car park is made easy with thousands of preloaded points of interest
(POIs). Many POIs include telephone numbers which can be dialled
directly from within CoPilot.
An all-new desktop management companion ‘CoPilot Central’ makes it easy
to download and manage extra maps, POIs and other content such as
safety camera databases. Software updates are automatically downloaded
and installed, while updated safety camera databases can be installed
in moments.
Beyond navigation, CoPilot Live utilises the phone’s high speed mobile
internet connectivity to provide unique online services including
traffic information and location-based tracking. Businesses can take
advantage of a seamless connection to CoPilot FleetCenter™, an optional
service that provides multi-vehicle fleet tracking, job dispatch,
instant driver messaging and historical reporting.
Michael Kornhauser, Vice President, Managing Director of ALK
Technologies said “CoPilot Live 7 provides a breakthrough navigation
experience for Symbian phones, with performance comparable to that of a
dedicated system. More Symbian smartphones are beginning to feature
integrated GPS, which when combined with CoPilot means that
full-featured sat nav is more accessible and convenient than ever

Download the programme from here


Copy the following folders to your memory card:

- copilot
- private
- resource
- sys

2. Goto Support Center: ALK Technologies
choose your country and download the speed camera file if one exists
for your country. Put said safetycam.ezp file into \copilot\EU\Save\ on
your memory card.

3. UK maps posted further up include POI. No need to download anything else.

4. Put speech folders into \copilot\Speech\. For example for the UK
voices the folder is \en-gb\. Put this into \copilot\Speech\ so it
looks like \copilot\Speech\en-gb\ on your memory card.

5. Put memory card back in. Startup phone. Install starts. If it doesn't goto App. Manager and start it from the list.

6. Start CoPilot. You're prompted to enter a product code. Enter the following:


Change the two asterisk to any random letters or numbers. Proceed. Say
no to internet connection. Proceed to activation. You're given a
license number by the application.


and enter the product code you created (see above step) and the
license number generated for you and your e-mail. Click submit and
another code is generated. Enter this activation code into CoPilot7

Only here maps backed

Map here


Copy the contents in
e / copilot / eu

incl. Pois


PW: GSMfree

not tested yet

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Re: CoPilot Live 7

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:32 am



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UK Maps

Post by robadahobada on Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:50 pm

Hi thanks this is great...the first part worked a charm! However, you say that the UK maps are posted earlier but I can't find a link of where to download them or the English speech???!

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks,



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Re: CoPilot Live 7

Post by badboysuhail on Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:52 pm

I have tried to enter the product code, but the first section is only 3 digits long and the last is 7 but the software will only allow me to put 5 digits in each section

any help would be grately appreciated


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Re: CoPilot Live 7

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