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how to unlock mmc card

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how to unlock mmc card

Post by sunmeetrihan on Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:33 pm

anybudy tell me how can i unlock mmc without mmc unlocker.. below solutuion is not workin b,coz theer is no file named mmcstore.....

First : Install FE Explorer in yur Phone Via Bluetooth as card reader wont work when the MMC is locked.
Second: Open FE Explorer and Serach for File named MMC Store which u will find in c:/ System folder
Third: Rename the file to MMCstore.txt
Fourth: Send it to computer via Bluetooth
Fifth:when u open that text file u will find a long code at the end

Finally Put that code in yur Password for MMC card the card will be unlocked

his is not workin.. sumbudy help
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