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Driver Genius Professional

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Driver Genius Professional

Post by alimbjbr on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:51 pm

Driver is an application / software must
be installed on your computer. With the driver, a hardware installed on
your computer so it can be used. Hardware can be as sound cards, video
cards (VGA), WLAN cards, Bluetooth devices, etc. Without you install the
driver each, the hardware will not be used on your computer or will not
run properly and optimally. So, therefore you have to install all
hardware drivers installed on your computer.

Driver Genius Professional Edition, a
software that can be your solution for backup hardware drivers that have
been previously installed on your computer system. With this backup
software, you no longer need to install the necessary drivers one by one
after you reinstall windows. Because this software will backup and make
a package that could form the installer, so you just run the installer
file that you created earlier, and all your hardware drivers have been
installed. And ready for use without the need for a long time like when
you install them one by one.

In Driver Genius Professional Edition
version 10, you not only can back up drivers only. This software is also
able to search the driver on the internet if you have hardware that
there is no driver. This you no longer need additional software such
Seeker Driver Auto and the like, because this software is just one
course you can do it. Not only that, you can also find the latest
updated driver for your hardware, so that employment is increasing
hardware performance with the latest drivers. This software supports all
operating systems including Windows 7.

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Download Link:

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