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Personal Development: Route To Enduring Greatness

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Personal Development: Route To Enduring Greatness  Empty Personal Development: Route To Enduring Greatness

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:00 am

Route to Enduring Greatness
We all aspire to live a Great life...
Though I feel, we get present to this aspiration and its real meaning at different stages of our lives and with different intensities.
I got present to it this year, when I got introduced to Directive Communication Psychology. (Founded by Arthur F Carmazzi, who is one amongst the top 10 leadership gurus across the world) Ummmm... Saying ‘present’ would be an understatement; actually it has completely taken over me.
Understanding human mind and behaviours have always intrigued me. We all know and have read through various sources about the ‘Mantras’ of Success, on and so forth. But the question is that despite being aware of all this, WHY we still can’t live a life we love and live it with success, power and happiness.
Being an educationist, I have experienced a wide range of trainings, workshops, seminars and motivational speeches. They take us to a peak motivational level, we declare our big goals, feel on the top of the world...and then after few days, we are again stuck in the daily chores of life.
Then we also have trainings these days which talk about hands on approach or experience. However they most of the time forget that learning or any permanent change doesn’t solely happens with experience. It is a complete cycle which encompasses experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and the application.
What I am going to share with you today, is different. It’s different because it is enduring, it’s experiential, its scientific, it’s application oriented, it makes you go through the entire cycle of learning and hence causes transformation.

Directive Communication is the psychology of transformation in people, enabling them to create ‘Enriched’ relationships, ‘Effective’ leadership, ‘High Performance’ work culture, ‘Great’ visions and ‘Built to Last’ organizations, thus making this world a better place to live.
Let me share with you some powerful distinctions of this program :
1. THE POWER OF ENVIRONMENT : It’s not just about me. The route to greatness lies in my environment. Now the challenge is ‘HOW TO CREATE SUCH AN ENVIRONMENT?’ and you get the answer to that in this psychology.
2. THINK INTELLIGENTLY : ‘THE BLAME GAME = NO RESULTS +NOHAPPINESS +NO SUCCESS+ NO GREATNESS.’ The program deals in making us familiar with the science behind ‘Why we blame’ and empowers us with the skills to control the blame game, think intelligently and focus on objectives.
3. WHAT COLOR IS MY BRAIN? : We are often surrounded by questions like ‘Why does he /she not understand me?’ or ‘This is such an easy task. I wonder why she can’t do it. I’m sure she is an idiot.’or ‘Why do I have to work the way my boss wants...I have better ways.’ And this goes on and on leaving us frustrated, blaming and without any results. The Colored Brain Communication technology is indeed a revolution in the field of understanding yourself and people around you. Our brains have different processors and they define the way we perceive information, communicate and relate to the world.
Let me share a real life example here ...
I am a very structured and organized person (my brain processor is linear, structured and logical) and hence can manage time pretty well. I have a friend cum colleague who is extremely creative, however cannot manage time and organize things. I used to feel that why she can’t reach places on time or finish projects on time or manage simple coordination tasks. This was one of the biggest conflict between us and I had started losing faith in here abilities. After

knowing her brain color, i.e the way her brain processes and perceives information( which was chaotic processing, seeing the big picture), I completely understood why it was so difficult for her to be structured. I started assigning her tasks which required more creativity, spontaneity and immediate action. This completely changed my relationship with her.
Imagine, if we all know our brain colors and the brain colors of people around us, life will become so beautiful...
Bosses will know what job to delegate to whom and what to expect...
Teachers will know which method of teaching will impact whom...
Spouses will understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other...
We all can create a loving, understanding, focussed and productive environment.
4. WHAT DRIVES ME : Human beings are emotional creatures and hence are driven by emotions. As per a few researches we have certain emotional drivers that dominate our life and they affect our actions, reactions and the way we are. Let me share an insight which will make it more clear.
I was working in an organization for past 8 years. I was very happy there, though decided to change for growth and learning. Luckily, I got through a place which I had always aspired to be a part of. Got better remuneration and good opportunity to learn. Still I always felt something was missing, and deep inside kept comparing with my previous job. Failed to understand why...
Through Directive Communication I got the answer. My top three emotional drivers are ‘Significance and Recognition’, ‘Achievement’ and ‘Diversity’. In my previous job I was getting a lot of recognition and appreciation, I was given different projects which satisfied my emotional need for diversity and I had a sense of achievement.
In my current job, though I was getting better financial returns and less work stress, I was not satisfied as my emotional drivers were not fulfilled.

This was such a big insight. Just being aware of it can help us work towards either satisfying our emotional drivers in an alternative way or even at times modify them.
For example, if I want to be a great leader, I need to change my emotional driver from significance to contribution and responsibility. Isn’t this amazing. For me it was that eureka moment.
5. COMMUNICATION : POWER OF WORDS AND BODY – What we say and how we say is directly related to our emotions. A wrong use of words or body language can cause conflicts or indecisions. Directive Communication introduced me to whole new world of Directive language, Directive Questioning, Dialogues of Inspiration and our body postures. The effective use of all these can make you win over your friends, bosses, colleagues, spouses, children, parents, clients...the entire world.
6. CULTIVATING YOUR IDEAL IDENTITY : Fantasising our superhero image, Confronting our biggest fear, Identifying with our role models and re-evaluating our values enabled us to create our IDEAL identity... An identity which is powerful, motivated, inspiring and ‘A ROUTE TO ENDURING GREATNESS’.
Today, one month after living Directive Communication way, I am not saying that I have completely transformed...
All I can say is, that I am right on my ...

Muhammad Afzal


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