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Hard Reset of Omnia 2

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Hard Reset of Omnia 2

Post by vishal505 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:03 am

You will be able to hard reset Omnia 2 to factory default just like Omnia. However the 3rd party programs that come with the official firmware will be left intact. The 3rd party programs installed by your service provider maybe lost after the hard reset. If you have already activated Agis NavPhone GPS program before hard reset, you may need to contact Agis Helpdesk for re-activation instruction.
Hard Reset of Omnia 2

  1. First switch off your phone
  2. Next hold Volumn Up + Screen Lock
  3. Then hold Green and Power Button together
  4. Then press Answer Call (left) button to confirm hard reset

You must hold the Volume Up + Screen Lock + Green + Power together and hold onto it. Release all once you see the Hard Format Screen.
Master Reset of Omnia by DialPad
You can also key in the following code to the dial pad to do a Master Reset
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